Throwing an event day for your team can be an incredibly beneficial move to make as a business owner. These events give you a chance to build relations within your team, address important news and up-and-coming changes within your company, provides a useful opportunity for training and can overall boost the morale of your team, reinvigorating the passion for the work you do at your company.

However, in order for your corporate event day to be as successful as possible, there’s a few tips and tricks worth following.

Here’s our ultimate guide to throwing a great corporate event for your team.

Plan Ahead

Be sure that you plan your event day well ahead of time to give you plenty of opportunity to ensure everything goes off smoothly.

In order to plan a successful event day for your team, you should account for at least a couple of months of planning. This will allow you enough time to take care of venues, catering, send invites to your team and to make sure that everyone is able to make it. This is especially important if your event will involve travel or will take place outside of working hours, as some of your team members may have to arrange childcare or rearrange other personal responsibilities in order to attend.

Mind Map Your Ideas

Rather than trying to nail anything down in the initial stages of planning, take some time to mind map all the ideas you have for your event day. Ask yourself ‘what is the central aim of the event?’, as this will give you a good starting point to work from when coming up with ideas for the day.

For example, an event being planned with the aim of simply rewarding your team for their work over the course of the year will be wildly different to an event designed to build relations within your team. By identifying what you want your team to get out of the day as a whole, you’ll be able to plan much more efficiently.

If you’re looking to plan a team-building day, make a list of ideas for different team building exercises that could work well within your schedule for the day. Try to make them as fun as they are useful, as this will keep your team more engaged and will be far more enjoyable.

As for a day intended to reward team members, consider whether you might wish to include an award ceremony, perhaps preceded by a presentation covering all the things that your company has achieved over the year – this is sure to leave you team with a feeling of job satisfaction and an increased passion for work.

Choose A Venue Wisely

Look into the different venues that could work well for your event. Your event may be best suited to a traditional corporate event environment, such as a hotel function room or a dedicated events space – but that’s not to say that these are your only option! These days, all sorts of weird and wonderful venues are available to book for team-building days and other work-related events.

Once you’ve looked into your different options, send out an email to the venues asking about potential date availability and enquire about pricing quotes. Most venues will also give you the opportunity to visit and speak to a member of their team in person to find out what they can do for you.

Decide What’s On The Menu

No good corporate event will leave its attendees going hungry!

Look into all the different catering options available for your event, whether you’re simply planning on a short drinks reception with canapés, a hot or cold buffet or perhaps a full three-course sit-down meal.

At Petrus Events, we offer a wide variety of different menus with something to suit each and every kind of corporate day. All our catering options have been designed with the attendees in mind, using fresh, carefully sourced ingredients to create a range of delicious dishes that will get everybody talking – we even offer a hog roast for those who really want to impress!

If you’d like any more information on our myriad of thoughtfully-crafted catering menus, please get in touch through the catering section right here on our site and we will be more than happy to help.

Send Out The Invitations

Once you’ve got a guest list together, it’s time to get the word out there.

Perhaps you’re planning to go all out and give out individual invitations to each member of your team or perhaps it would be much more convenient for your attendees to be notified via email – even so, it’s always important to put together an exciting and thoughtful invitation to your event. They’ll remember to save the date and it’s a sure-fire way to get everyone excited.

…Or Let Us Handle It For You

Planning a corporate event can, of course, be a long and stressful task – especially for a company leader with other responsibilities to take care of in the meantime.

Here at Petrus Events, we have over 20 years events planning experience. In that time, we’ve been responsible for organising and running over 600 events, including weddings, birthday parties, funerals, family celebrations, christenings and, of course, corporate events.

Whatever the scale of your event and whatever your vision for the day, we’ll work tirelessly to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch and to great success.

We can cover everything from venue dressing, furniture hire, bar hire, entertainment and much more, including our previously-mentioned high-quality catering.

If you’d like a little help in planning a corporate event that will keep your team talking for years to come, get in touch today and find out how we can help you achieve this.

Happy planning!