After over a year apart from our family and friends, the time has finally come when we can reunite and celebrate every event in the best way – by getting everyone together for a perfectly planned party.


However, it’s been so long since this was a possibility that we’d forgive you if you found the prospect of planning a party on any scale to be a little daunting. Whether you’re looking to throw a formal family get-together or celebrate an occasion in style with all of your friends, there’s certainly plenty to think about.


Of course, you needn’t plan alone. Here at Petrus Events, we’re passionate about pulling together a fantastic event of any kind. As planning specialists, here’s our guide to putting together the perfect post-lockdown celebration.


Start Early


If you’re going to be planning an event of any kind, you’ll need plenty of time to ensure that every aspect of your party falls into place as intended. In order to make sure this is the case, we’d advise you to get planning as early as you can.


Your guests will, of course, need a little notice to make sure that they’re able to come – especially given how full most people’s diaries are with post-lockdown plans at the moment. Before you get to the stage where you send out your invitations, you’ll need to have at least your event date decided and a venue secured, so the earlier these plans can be made, the better.


For a small scale event, we’d recommend giving yourself at least six weeks planning time. For larger events, such as corporate get-togethers, christenings, family reunions or birthdays, you’ll need at least a few months to have everything in place. When it comes to planning a wedding – perhaps the most complex celebration to organise – you can never start planning too early.


Remember that there’s never any guarantee that everything will go off without a hitch – by giving yourself plenty of time to plan, you’ll be able to deal much better with any bumps in the road along the way.


Utilise Lists


When it comes to planning an event of any kind, lists are certainly your friend!


We’d recommend picking up a notebook or diary to keep aside specifically for events planning purposes. Lists – to-do lists, guest lists, etc. – are a great way to get a clear overview of everything that you’ll need to take care of in the run-up to the big day.


Remember to tick things off your lists as different aspects of your event fall into place – there’s nothing quite like seeing your to-do list get shorter when you’ve been working hard to bring an event together!


We’d recommend starting your entire planning process with a masterlist of everything that you need to get into place before your event. You’ll likely know to include venue hire, DJs and music, food, etc. but don’t forget the smaller details – tablecloths and chair covers, decorations, party favours and other such things may not come to mind as quickly, but they’re just as important.


Prepare For Every Eventuality


If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that anything could happen in the lead-up to your event to throw off different aspects of your plans.


With this in mind, it’s a good idea to have some contingencies in place in case anything goes wrong before the day of your event. For example, if you’re looking to throw an event outdoors, is there a place you can go if the weather doesn’t turn out as hoped? Have you ensured that there are catering options for guests with allergies or other dietary requirements?


Of course, we hope you won’t need to use your back-up plans in the end, but having solutions to fall back on in the event of any problems will leave you feeling a lot more secure and confident throughout the planning process.


Leave It Up To Us


Still not quite sure if you are up to the task of planning your first post-lockdown celebration?


You don’t need to take it on yourself. At Petrus Events, we have plenty of experience in assisting with the planning of a variety of different events and offer a range of services that can be utilised in the planning of your event. We offer everything from catering, to marquee hire, to photographers and even entertainers, such as DJs and magicians.


If you’re planning a celebration of any kind and are looking to have items on your to-do list quickly and professionally taken care of, we’d love to help. Why not get in touch with us today and find out what we can do to help you?