Planning a wedding is never easy, but it’s never been more complicated than it has been over the past year.

Whether you found yourself rescheduling your wedding at the last minute or had decided to wait to see how the lifting of lockdown restrictions unfolded before finalising your plans, there’s certainly plenty for those planning their upcoming nuptials to think about.

If you’re getting married in the remaining months of 2021 or are looking to get a headstart on planning a wedding in 2022, there are plenty of ways that we can help you here at Petrus Events. Here are just a few of the details that we can take care of for you.


It goes without saying that catering is one of the most important parts of your big day to get right.

Whether you’re planning a formal reception with a sit-down meal or are looking to take a more casual route by providing an exceptional buffet spread that can be enjoyed during the day and by your evening guests alike, we have no shortage of options.

Our formal catering package includes a 3 course dining package and venue dressing, with a range of different menus available. Whether you’d like to provide guests with a traditional roast (and all the trimmings) or are looking to do something a little different, we have the perfect menu for you and your guests – why not give your guests a taste of the Mediterranean with our Mediterranean-style tables? Perhaps you’d like to include a grazing table to keep guests feeling satisfied during the rest of your reception?

For those who’d like to go an alternative route, we have a wide range of informal catering options, too. We offer bespoke BBQs, hog roast, wood fired pizza, ice cream, street food, hot fork buffets and more – whatever it is you’re looking for, we’ve got the perfect casual catering option for your big day.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure everyone is catered for during your reception – that’s why we ensure that all our menus include options for those who have special dietary requirements, too, including vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

Marquee & Furniture Hire

If you’ve decided that you’d like to hire a marquee for your wedding, allow Petrus Events to take care of this for you.

Whatever the size or style of marquee required for your big day, we can source and build a wide variety of different marquees – we’re sure to be able to provide the right one for you. Once you have your marquee, of course, you’ll also need to have this pop-up venue dressed and furnished, which we can take care of for you, too. Our marquee package includes everything you need, from chairs and tables to flooring and lighting.

No party is complete without a bar, of course, and we can provide this to you, too.

DJs & Entertainment Specialists

What’s a party without music?

No wedding reception is complete without a DJ to soundtrack the evening. Here at Petrus Events, we can provide a DJ for your reception, as well as all of the equipment needed to keep the music going late into the night.

Whatever your music tastes, we can tailor wedding playlists to each and every different style, whether you’re looking for crowd-pleasing singalong hits or a contemporary, alternative playlist.

It’s not just DJs, either. We offer a wide range of different entertainment specialists – why not keep guests entertained by a magician or have your catering delivered to guests by a singing waiter?

Other Services

These aren’t the only services that Petrus Events can take care of for you.

Relive your special day for years to come by hiring a professional photographer and videographer to capture the event for you, impress your guests with a custom cupcake tower and display and – if your wedding wasn’t already sweet enough – allow us to provide you with your very own sweet cart for the evening.

So, if you’re planning a wedding in 2021/2022 and are looking for professional planners offering a wide range of services, get in touch with us today and find out how Petrus Events can assist you in putting together a day that you’ll cherish forever.