With a new year comes new plans – so, how are you going to celebrate in 2022?


When planning a party, deciding whether or not you’d like a theme for your event is always a good starting point. Themes are a great way to tie each element of your party together, with the food, the music and décor amongst the different parts of your plan that can be co-ordinated with each other.


Whilst themed events are still very popular, certain themes these days are seen as being a little overdone or outdated. Not to worry, though – the fade-out of one trend within the events world always makes way for another.


Here are four party themes that we think your guests will love in 2022…


The Roaring Twenties


This is a theme that never seems to fall out of favour! In fact, following the lockdowns of the last two years, it’s never seemed more appropriate.


Gather your guests for a speakeasy soiree, complete with music, food and décor inspired by the vibrant celebrations of the 1920s. Theme-fitting costumes for these parties aren’t too difficult to come by these days, with a look out there to suit each and every one of your guests – and we’re sure they’ll enjoy dressing for the glamour of the occasion.


Where music is concerned, there are no shortage of great playlists available online for events with this theme, as well as artists producing 1920s-inspired covers of modern chart hits. You could even go all out and hire a jazz band for the evening…


This theme isn’t too difficult to pull together – and it’s always a roaring good time!


A Night At The Casino


A fantastic plan for an adults-only party, casino-themed events allow your guests to enjoy all the glamour of a night at a Las Vegas casino.


There’s plenty of room for creativity when planning a casino themed party, and plenty of room to tailor the plans entirely to you and your guests. A casino evening wouldn’t be complete without some great games to play during the night, so be sure to decide which will work best for your event – roulette, blackjack and poker are all great options.


As for the food, why not serve up some flavourful canapés? There are no shortage of great recipes available online for these small bites – or you could always call on us and have us serve up some of our own delicious appetisers.


Cirque Du Soleil


A great way to level-up your event is to provide entertainment to your guests.


Few entertainers are more in-fitting when it comes to glamourous party evenings than the kind of performers that you’d find at a Cirque Du Soleil matinee. Have a look around your local area for talented individuals with skills in dancing, burlesque, magic and more, as many of these performers are happy to lend their entertainment services for your parties on a freelance basis.


The theme can be carried throughout the décor, too – consider long drapes, vibrant lighting and beautiful centrepieces on the tables.


A Murder Mystery Evening


The perfect option for a small corporate event, a murder mystery evening is a great way to set the stage for an evening of team-building!


There are no shortage of ready-made mysteries available online for these parties, with something to suit a wide range of group sizes. Allow your guests to get into character and prepare for an evening of socialising and sleuthing – followed, of course, by a celebratory drink and bite to eat.


Beyond the murder mystery game itself, this theme is still incredibly versatile. Depending on the game that you choose to play, you can go full Cluedo-inspired, set your party in a period from the past or even make it super modern.


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